Engineering Chemistry

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This app for Engineering Chemistry is designed for student, teachers & professionals to learn basic concepts of Chemistry it covers almost all topics Chapter wise with pictorial representation as given below:-

Chapter 1 : Water Technology

Impurities in Water,Hard Water,alkalinity of water,Boiler Feed water,Water Softening,breaking point of chlorination,desalination

Chapter 2 : Polymers

homopolymer and copolymer,Classification of Polymers,types of Polymerizations,Properties of Polymers,Classification of Plastic,fabrication of plastics,Synthetic Rubber

Chapter 3 : Surface Chemistry

surface chemistry,Types of adsorption,adsorption of gases in solids,adsorption isotherm ,adsorption of solutes from solution,applications of Adsorption

Chapter 4 : nuclear energy

nuclear energy,energy released in nuclear reactions,nuclear reactions,Nuclear Fission,Nuclear Chain Reactions,nuclear reactor

Chapter 5 : Batteries

Primary Batteries,Secondary Batteries,Solar cell,Fuel Cell,Wind Energy,Dry-Cell Batteries,Zinc-carbon cells,Alkaline cells

Chapter 6 : Refractories

Refractories,characteristics of good refractory,manufacturing of refractory,properties of refractory,classification of refractory

Chapter 7 : Lubricants

Lubricants,types of lubricants and properties,mineral oil,synthetic oil,Solid Lubricants,semisolid lubricants,emulsion,properties of lubricants

Chapter 8 : NanoChemistry

Nano Chemistry,size dependent properties of nanoparticles,applications of nanoparticles,synthesis of nanomaterials,nanoclusters ,nanorod ,Carbon Nanotube,quantum wires

Chapter 9 : Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry,electrolysis,conductivity of electrolytes,Electrochemical cell,emf of a cell,electrode potential,reference electrode,nernst equation

Chapter 10 : Corrossion

Corrossion,differential aeration corrosion,Factor effecting corossion,Types of corrosion,corrosion control methods

Chapter 11 : Protective Coatings

Coatins.preparation of materials for coating,Metallic Coating,Electroless Plating,Organic coatings

Chapter 12: Fuels and Combustion

Classification of fuels,characteristics of good fuel,advantages and disadvantages of solid liquid and gaseous fuels,calorific value,Coal,liquid fuels,Cracking,synthesis of gasoline

Chapter 13 : Alloys

Alloys,Importance of Alloys,manufacture of alloys,Types of alloys

Chapter 14 : PhotoChemistry

Photochemistry,Law of photochemistry,quantum yield

Chapter 15 : thermodynamics

Chapter 16 : Glass

Chapter 17 : Cement


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